Atomic City Knives

Jesse / May 7, 2015

Welcome to Atomic City Knives.   All the knives on these pages have been made by hand using high quality materials.  We use a number of high carbon and stainless steels in our knife making depending on application requirements.  Heat treatment is performed by Peters Heat Treating, Bos Heat Treating or in house depending on steel type.  Handle materials used include stabilized wood, manmade materials and nonstabilized wood such as desert ironwood.

Because we start with a bar of steel and a block of wood we are able to create most any type of knife you desire.  All customs are considered on a one by one basis.

If you find a style, pattern or have a design of your own you would like to explore please contact me at


MY COMMON SENSE KNIFEMAKER’S GUARANTEE You will have five days from the date of delivery confirmation to examine your knife. You may return the knife in the same condition as you received it within the five days without fault for a full money back refund. After my examination of the knife for any damage and after determining it is in the same condition as sent to you, a refund will be processed. If your knife is custom ordered (not one of my standard patterns) you will have five days from the date of delivery confirmation to examine the knife with respect to workmanship and quality of materials. Any refund will be based on the sale of this particular knife to another individual. In the unlikely event there any issues please contact me during the five day period. If your knife fails due to workmanship after the five days I will repair or replace it. I do not warranty knives for misuse. Please do not use your knife as a pry bar or screw driver as no warranty will apply. If after examination it is determined the failure was due to misuse or negligence, I will then quote you a price for repair or replacement of the knife, at your expense. The care of your knife depends in part on what kind of steel it is made from. High carbon steels require more care than stainless steels. Hand wash and dry your knife after use. Do not put it in the dishwasher. A light coating of cooking oil on your high carbon knife when dry will help to avoid rust. It is normal for high carbon knives to darken with use and age. Please do not store your high carbon knife in a leather sheath. Doing so may cause rust spots. I will re-sharpen your knife as needed free of charge. Any shipping costs are at your expense. Please contact me before sending your knife.